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Explore the current selection of shows in the Rachael Grace Music Presents Catalogue.

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The Australian Barbra
Streisand Show


The Ultimate Unhinged Live Broadway Sing-a-long

Featuring Gabriella Labucci



Smash It Up!
Starring Kara Ciezki
Supplementary Vocals Rachael Grace

Happy days are here again! In an homage to the show stopping six-decade long career, Rachael Grace presents ‘The Australian Barbra Streisand Show'’ Performing songs from the sensational catalogue of Streisand’s classic films, musicals and hit records, ‘Watch Closely Now’ honours the endless talent and legacy of this icon of musical royalty. Accompanied by Kara Cieski and John Thorn. For a fun and playful night of multi-genre’d excellence, book now for your next function or event.What kind of fool would miss this?!

For more information, videos, photos and reviews of the show click here.

Get ready to be blown away at 'Show Stoppers: The Ultimate Broadway Singalong'! Join us for a mesmerizing night of live music, starring Rachael Grace from The Australian Barbra Streisand Show and Drag Race Australia's own powerhouse, Gabriella Labucci. Experience the thrill of Broadway with unforgettable renditions of show tunes from Hairspray, Rent, Rocky Horror, Jersey Boys, Hamilton, and more. No lip-syncing here – just pure talent and electrifying entertainment. Don't miss out on this extraordinary event. 

SMASH IT UP is an intoxicating & exciting mix up adventure show of your favourite songs. From fun funk covers of iconic tunes, to re-creating mashups with a sensational live band and horn section, you will hear songs in ways you never expected!

SMASH IT UP specialises in re-creating mashups.


Using well known iconic songs that people know and love from artists including Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, Adele, Britney Spears, and The Eurythmics. 

SMASH IT UP is an incredible live performance experience that highlights the level of musicianship and creativity that these electrifying performers can bring.


Learn With


With a passion for music and a dedication to nurturing talent, Rachael Grace has spent the past six years transforming aspiring singers into confident, skilled vocalists. As a singing teacher, vocal coach, and performance mentor, Rachael has worked with countless students, helping them build the fundamental techniques necessary for a healthy and powerful voice. Her expertise extends to Vocal Eisteddfod adjudication, audition preparation, and VET/VCE exam coaching, providing comprehensive support to her students at every stage of their musical journey. Rachael’s journey began with a deep love for singing and performance, leading her to pursue formal training in classical vocal technique. This strong foundation allows her to teach a variety of styles, including music theatre, jazz, pop, and rock. Her own experiences as a performer have equipped her with the insights and empathy needed to guide her students through their musical journeys. She understands the challenges and triumphs that come with learning to sing, and she is committed to making this process as rewarding as possible for each of her students. In her six years of teaching, Rachael has developed a holistic approach that goes beyond just vocal exercises. She emphasizes the importance of proper breathing, posture, and vocal health, ensuring that her students not only improve their singing abilities but also maintain their voices for years to come. Her lessons are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, whether they are beginners looking to find their voice or advanced singers aiming to refine their technique. As a vocal coach, Rachael excels in preparing her students for performances and auditions. She provides personalized coaching on song interpretation, stage presence, and emotional expression, helping her students connect with their audience and deliver captivating performances. Her mentoring extends to building confidence and overcoming performance anxiety, empowering her students to shine on any stage.

Enhance your vocal skills with personalized online singing lessons tailored to your needs. Our experienced team will guide you through techniques to help you reach your full potential.

Prepare for auditions with confidence through our specialized audition preparation sessions. Receive valuable feedback, tips, and support to excel in your upcoming performances.

Enquire about my engaging online vocal workshops designed to hone your craft and work on specific area of technical concern. Explore new technical concepts, improve your performance, and elevate your artistry.

Online mentoring available to flesh out potential cabaret or show ideas. Learn from my experiences to get your own performance opportunities off the ground. 

For more details on tuition services, reach out today.

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